Exterior Rendering And Plinths

This plinth plastering project was carried out on a character property in Enfield, North London.

The original plinth surrounding the exterior of the property was badly weathered and damaged. As a result a crack had appeared at the top of the plinth and the plinth itself was beginning to come away from the brickwork. This would eventually lead to water damage and cause damp that would affect the interior walls of the house.

Comment from owner:

“Being a natural sceptic and seeing too many Cowboy Trader shows, I was very pleased with the work that Paul completed on the Plinth of my house. The work was done neatly, efficiently and with a brilliant finish. A few of my neighbours have commented on how good the completed work is, and I would have no problem recommending him”.
Brad, Enfield

Firstly we removed original plinth from the wall, after ensuring the wall was clean it was then sealed using a specialist exterior PVA adhesive. We then applied the first coat of waterproof sand and cement render otherwise known as the scratch coat so as to achieve an even surface. The top coat sand and cement render was then applied and finished with a wet sponge for a grainy pattern finish.

Finally the plinth was cut straight at the top with a spirit-level and an angled sand and cement stop-bead.

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