Canterbury Spa Pebble Dashing in Finchley

This pebble dashing project was at a house in Finchley, North London which was already pebble dashed and painted white. The homeowners wanted to get rid of the paint and replace it with a coloured spa pebble dash finish. The customer wanted the original pebble dash removed and the walls taken back to brickwork, rather us covering over existing pebble dashing.

Our first task was to remove all of the existing render from the exterior walls. The front and back elevation of the house was stripped back to the brickwork. Once the wall render had been removed the brick work was cleaned to remove the dust and loose debris. We then sealed the walls using a PVA adhesive.

The next stage was to apply a water resistant sand and cement ‘scratch coat’ or first coat render to the wall surfaces. This coat creates a flat and even surface which then has lines scratched in to render give a good key for the top coat to later be applied to. Ensuring that the scratch coat is flat is particularly important when pebble dashing, as it helps ensure that the top coat is kept at an even thickness when pebble dashing stones are applied.

The top coat is then applied to the surface. This is also a waterproof sand and cement mix which must be measured accurately to ensure the colour of render is consistent across all of the wall surfaces. The stones are applied to this coat to create the pebble dashing. These are applied in an even layer to create a uniform finish. In this case, to achieve the required pebble dashed finish we used grade 8 Canterbury Spar.

To create a professional, finished effect we rendered the plinth at the bottom of the wall using a waterproof sand and cement render with a smooth finish. This not only makes the walls look smart, but is where the damp course is located; at the point where the plinth and pebble dashing meet. At this point a drip bead or what is sometimes called ‘bell cast bead’ or ’42mm stop bead’ is placed to separate the two finishes and help prevent damp problems.

We offer a choice of pebble dashing which can be chosen to suit your budget and finishing requirements. You can find out more about the choice of stones and our projects on the pebble dashing page. We often cover walls with pebble dash in Finchley, Barnet, Hampstead and surrounding areas in North London.


Canterbury Spa
Red and grey flint,
with white calcium


Pebbles /Shingle


Canterbury Spa
White calcium and black granite 

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