Exterior Rendering & Pebble Dashing in Muswell Hill

The home-owners of this 1930’s terraced property in Muswell Hill were looking to return there home to it’s original character style so that it was in-keeping with the property designs on their street in North London. The original property design had flat rendered walls on ground floor level with a pebble dashed walls on first floor.

Pebble Dashing Walls – 1st Floor

The Muswell Hill property had unfortunately been modified some years ago to have a stone cladding façade, so our first task was to remove the layer of blocks for the walls. As part of removing the slabs there was damage caused to the property’s original plaster render. To make good, all of the original render coat was stripped from the wall and the walls taken back to bare brick work.

The first floor of the property was to be pebble dashed. First of all, the brick work was cleaned and any loose debris removed to create a solid base. This was then sealed with a PVA adhesive. The next stage was to apply a coat of water resistant sand and cement render over the whole wall surface to create a flat and even layer and to give a ‘key’ for the top coat render to grip onto.

To match the consistency of the original pebble dashed walls on the neighbours properties, we put on a heavy top coat of render and mixed two sizes of stones; a 10mm shingle and a 20mm shingle for the pebble dashing. Finally a top coat of water resistant sand and cement was applied and the stones were embedded in an even layer to create the finished look. This was a thicker top coat than we normally would apply, in order to give a slightly uneven finish which mimicked the period style of the adjacent properties.

Rendering Walls – The Ground Floor

The ground floor walls of the property, were to be flat rendered. Once we had first cleaned the original brick work and removed any loose material, the walls were then sealed with a PVA adhesive. The first, or ‘scratch’ coat render, which is a layer of water resistant sand and cement, was then applied to the brickwork to create a flush surface with the angle beads embedded on the corners to create firm visible straight lines at the edges. These serve as a guide for the top coat and help create the desire finished effect.

The top coat of render was then applied; also water resistant sand and cement mix. This was trowelled over the scratch coat to create the smooth surface and conceal the beads. To create the finished effect, we then floated flat and even and then finished with a sponge.

To create a professional finish we also replaced the plinth at the base of the wall. In this case, instead of using a drip bead the plinth was finished proud of the render, (rather than the modern version where plinth sits back behind drip bead), so that the plinth was thicker and looked like it sat on top of rendered wall.

As you can see the finished combination of rendering and pebble dashing returned the property to its traditional style.

We frequently work on similar projects at similar properties in Muswell Hill, Highgate, Crouch End and surrounding areas in North London.

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