Plastering Walls and Ceilings in Hertford

Pegasus Plasterers were in Hertford to plaster the walls and ceilings of the hallway, through-lounge, kitchen, utility room, bathroom and bedrooms of a property being refurbished.

When we arrived on site at this property in Hertford the construction work and structural changes had been completed. Essentially our work was to make-good damaged walls and to cover the new walls with smooth plaster finishes.

In the bedrooms, hallway and the lounge our plasterers patch repaired the walls where the electrical wiring had been chased into the walls and  the original plaster had either been damaged or fallen off the walls. To start the preparation of the wall plaster repairs, we first sealed the wall surfaces with PVA adhesive. The next stage was to fill the patches and chases in the walls, so that we created the basis of an even surface. The final stage was to plaster the walls with two coats of finish plaster to create a smooth and even finish fit for decorating.

The kitchen, utility room and bathroom were part of an extension, so the plaster on these walls was newer, but some of this had fallen off the walls. The previous plasterer had used a product called browning, which is a product we do not use, as it has the potential to blow and come away from the wall.

To start, the walls were covered in PVA adhesive to seal them. Our plasterer then rendered the walls with hardwall, a plaster base coat render. Once the render had dried, the walls and ceilings were then sealed again with PVA adhesive. To create the smooth finished plaster surface we then applied to coats of finish plaster to the surfaces of the walls and ceilings. This was then trowelled smooth to make the surface suitable for decorating.

Unfortunately we do not have photos of  the finished, decorated rooms, but you can see the difference between the start and finish were we have plastered the walls and ceilings to a smooth finish ready for the decorators to paint.

Plastering the Fireplace

The lounge was to have a feature open fireplace. When we arrived on site the fireplace was just exposed bricks, so to plaster this we applied PVA adhesive and two coats of sand and cement render to the surface. We then created the smooth finish with a top coat flat render, which the plasterer floated to create a smooth and flat finish.

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