Plastering And Insulating A Studwall In Barnet

Pegasus Plastering recently completed an interior plastering project at this home in Barnet. As part of the job we were required to soundproof the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom as well as plaster over the textured artex ceiling to give a smooth flat finish.

The bedroom ceiling had a fine stipple artex pattern on it. Firstly we scrapped over the ceiling; removing most the points from the surface, to make it as flat as possible. We then applied a coat of PVA adhesive, which was painted over the ceiling to allow the plaster to bond to the uneven surface. The ceiling was then plastered with two coats British Gypsum multi-finish plaster. The first coat essentially provides a level and relatively smooth surface, and the second coat of plaster is then applied to give a flush, smooth finished surface.

In this plastering project the interior stud wall proved somewhat problematic. Firstly, the studwork construction did not conform to normal stud wall specifications and secondly the client had very limited budget. Normally a stud wall is 100mm in depth, so to sound proof it we would install two layers of an acoustic partition roll or sound block insulation which are 50mm thick. In this case, when we removed the existing plasterboard from the walls it became apparent that the wall was only 35mm in depth, so our usual approach would not work. Ideally we would have rebuilt the stud wall properly to increase the depth, but to do this would have meant more work and a new door frame and architraves would have been needed, which would have added to the cost.

Being as this was not within the budget we came up with an alternative solution. With only a narrow space to work with we managed to get 50mm of insulation into the wall and fitted thin strips of 12.5mm plasterboard on the timber, (which can be seen in the pictures showing the insulation). We then placed one layer of sound block plaster boards (instead of two) on the wall and managed to bring the finished wall in line with original architraves. Finally the wall was fibre taped/scrimmed and plastered with two coats of multi finish plaster to give a smooth plaster finish.

Our clients were delighted with the finished walls and ceiling and that we had managed to save them the potential extra expense of rebuilding the stud wall.

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